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  • We help our clients deliver business value faster through uncompromising excellence.
  • We help our customer with the vetting of highly technical candidates before the "last-mile"
  • We help our students transform their lives and careers with our online training courses

With over 80 combined years of IT professional experience (more than 30 of which in the Financial Industry) we've helped tens of clients deliver mission critical projects

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Our pool of highly trained consultants is certified in the most impactful technologies and methodologies available today in the IT industry. From Agile, to Java, to Amazon Web Services, our mission statement is clear: deliver excellence to our customers.

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Marco Tedone

About the Author

Hi, I'm Marco, a Lean Enterprise expert. For more than 22 years, I've been enjoying learning and applying technology to help my clients deliver value, faster.

My main areas of expertise are Lean Enterprise transformation leadership and coaching, Business Value delivery in mission critical projects, DevOps, Agile and Lean transformations, Software Craftsmanship, BDD, Software Engineering, Testing Automation, Amazon Web Services, Technical Leadership, Continuous Delivery, Online Training And Helping Offshore Teams operate with a Lean and Agile mindset as well as adopting a BDD and DevOps operating model.

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