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At devopsfolks.com our mission is to help our clients transform their lives. We believe knowledge sharing is what really gives us freedom. Whether by enrolling in our online courses, enjoying our free content or making use of our consultancy services, we will help you achieve what most matters to you

With over 80 combined years of IT professional experience (more than 30 of which in the Financial Industry) we've helped tenths of clients deliver mission critical projects

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Our pool of highly trained consultants is certified in the most impactful technologies and methodologies available today in the IT industry. From Agile, to Java, to Amazon Web Services, our mission statement is clear: deliver excellence to our customers.

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Marco Tedone


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Hi, I'm Marco and I'm one of devopsfolks.com founders. For more than 20 years, I've been enjoying learning and applying technology to help people solve problems. Whether the desire of improving one own's career, or deliver a mission critical project for a client, what motivates me at the core is seeing people around me happy. Technology is the vehicle that allows me to deliver on my vision.

My main areas of expertise are DevOps, Agile and Lean transformations, Software Programming, Testing Automation, Amazon Web Services, Technology Leadership, Continuous Delivery, Online Training And Growing Offshore Teams.

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