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Wow! This an amazing course. I have to this point, become proficient with git, setup my AWS account and really comfortable with Spring bot, bootstrap, stripe, and tho use of thyme-leaf template. I can wait to complete the course. He is really a problem solver and an excellent engineer and teacher

Patrick Lurlay 

It's really great course .I am at 22 lecture and for me it is essential course because i have little knowledge about really production environment and this course so far for me is amazing. Only music is little distracting but everything else is well explained. I have received a proposal for job on upwork which contain AWS and things in this course which i don't know. This course is great course for every java developer who want to see how things in real world works. I needed course like this. And also you will learn Intellij Ultimate if you don't have experience with this IDE.

Deni Rustemovic 

Great course! Marco explains each section in great detail for intermediate level developers and applies good java design principals. I look forward to his next course.

Marcio Dasilva 

This course nails it. 100% relevant topics. All you need to know to build and deploy a production app.

Dan Torrey 

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