My personal mission statement

My mission is to bring joy, happiness, meaning and vocational purpose in the life of others.

To fulfil this mission, I will abide by the following foundations: 

  • Love. Love is the most important foundation of all. It’s what drives everything I do. It’s what connects all that has ever been and that will ever be. It’s humanity social glue. 
  • Kindness. Kindness is one of Love’s manifestations. Being kind to other human beings brings them joy and happiness. 
  • Selflessness. In order to bring joy and happiness in the lives of others, one has to place other people’s lives at the centre of one’s existence
  • Peace. Love can only be shared when peace reigns in people’s hearts and mind. 
  • Righteousness. Love is true and to love also means to be righteous and stand firm for what is right. 
  • Forgiveness. To give is to receive and forgiveness is, after personal sacrifice, the highest form of giving. 
  • Know-how. I will continually seek to increase my knowledge of the things that can help me fulfil this mission.
  • Anchorage. I will be a reliable anchorage for my family to feel loved, safe and valued.
  • Followership. I will serve my leaders to help them be successful in their mission
  • Leadership. I will provide my followers with effective leadership to empower them to be successful
  • Health. I will do whatever it takes to live a healthy life so as to bring positive energy in the people I interact with.

I will achieve my mission through the following roles:

  • Husband. My wife is the most important person in my life and her happiness is my priority.
  • Father. My children are, after my wife, the most important people in my life. My mission is to nurture them with love and create the right environment for them to find their mission in life, live with joy, happiness and purpose. I seek to be remembered as a loving, caring, dedicated and inspirational father. 
  • Technology Leader. I will lead and grow the highest performing technology teams in the world to coach them as agents of positive change in themselves and others.
  • Social brother.  I will help my fellow social brothers and sisters who are seeking joy, purpose and happiness through taking concrete actions, sharing my foundations, leadership and followership experiences.
  • Student and Teacher.  I will keep learning until able with the goal of sharing these learnings with my fellow brothers and sisters.
  • Amateur Athlete. I will keep myself healthy through physical exercise to increase the chances to stay around my loved ones for as long as I can as well as to live a more productive life.
  • Elder. I will live and share this mission with my family and society until the day I will return to the Creator. I will spend my late years scanning the future for inspiration, remembering the past for closure and enjoying the present as a legacy for those who I love and leave behind.