Professional background

I'm a Lean Enterprise transformation expert deeply rooted into technology. My areas of expertise include APIs, Integration and Microservices, containers, Lean Enterprise, DevOps, Agility, Testing Automation, software development, enterprise architecture, Cloud and much more. 

I’m committed to the delivery of business value through technical excellence and have several years experience in coaching onshore, nearshore and offshore teams on how to become high performant. 

I have got a long proven track of turning difficult projects into success stories and in re-gaining business trust through the delivery of business value as well as leading global transformations and technology direction. With more than 23 years experience in enabling business value delivery through technology and a sound academic background, I’m the right person if you are looking for someone to help you build high performing organisations and teams.

My vision: making people happy through technology  

The core value which drives me is to see people happy. There are many ways this can be achieved of course. Artists will paint, Musicians will play, Actors will cast in brilliant movies. I provide SME and solutions to people and organisations in need of becoming disruptors instead of disrupted.

The way I help people is by listening to their vision and challenges. I then apply the tools in my possession to suggest interventions to set them on a journey towards their vision. These include Lean Enterprise transformation, Improvement Coaching Kata, expert advise on DevOps, agility, BDD, Testing Automation and Software Craftmanship, Technology at large, Microservices, Containerisation and Enterprise Architecture. 

I can comfortably talk to engineers on the floor and any C-level. In fact one of my missions is usually to remove the barriers between "IT" and "the business" and build high performing "Product Teams", comprised of all necessary skills.


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