Professional background

I'm a Lean Enterprise transformation specialist who helps organisations deliver business value faster by looking at software delivery as business value delivery and as a system flow, where BDD, Agile, DevOps, Testing Automation, Portfolio and Budget Management, Regulatory and Compliance, Security and all NFRs  are all parts of a single journey. My favourite execution tool for Lean Enterprise transformations is the Improvement/Coaching Kata, by Mike Rother.

I’m committed to the delivery of business value through technical excellence and have several years experience coaching teams and organisations on to how become agile and high performing.

I have got a long proven track of turning difficult projects into success stories and in re-gaining business trust through the delivery of business value. With more than 22 years experience in enabling business value delivery through technology and a sound academic background, I’m the right person if you are looking for someone to help you build your high performing organisation / teams.

My vision: making people happy through technology  

The core value which drives me is to see people happy. There are many ways this can be achieved of course. Artists will paint, Musicians will play, Actors will cast in brilliant movies. I provide leadership and solutions to people and organisations in need of becoming disruptors instead of becoming the disrupted.

The way I help my clients is to listen to their vision and challenges. I then apply the tools in my possession to suggest interventions to set my clients on a journey towards their vision. These include Lean Enterprise transformation, Improvement Coaching Kata, expert advise on DevOps, agility, BDD, Testing Automation and Software Craftmanship, Technology at large, Microservices and Enterprise Architecture.

The advent of the Cloud has revolutionised the IT industry forever. It has made possible a complete rethink of IT system architecture. Today we can talk of micro services, business intelligence, machine learning, big data, distributed computing, Internet Of Things (IoT), Streaming and much more. Technology opens new doors everyday and I want to open as many of these as possible.


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