My thoughts on AWS re:Invent 2016 keynote by Werner Vogel

In this blog I’ll talk about my first impressions on Werner Vogel’s keynote at AWS re:Invent 2016.   In my previous blog I’ve shared my impressions on Andy Jassy’s (AWS CEO) keynote. Werner’s keynote theme was around Transformation, particularly in three areas: Development Data Compute Development Werner talked about the necessity to adhere to good practices […]

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What is a Lean Enterprise?

This is my definition of a Lean Enterprise: “A Lean Enterprise is an organisation that allows the business to continuously learn new and better ways to deliver value by validating hypotheses using a rigorous scientific approach.” There is a lot to it, so let’s examine. A Lean Enterprise enables the business to identify valuable ideas fast. A Lean […]

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Goodbye Turbine…Hello Lean Enterprise

Turbine gets superseded by Lean Enterprise In one of my previous articles I’ve introduced Turbine as a methodology that shifts the focus from output and processes to business value. Few months later, I read the book Lean Enterprise, by Jez Humble, Joanne Moleskin and Barry O’Reilly and found out that it superseded Turbine by a long stretch. […]

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Turbine: Moving On From Agile and DevOps

We need more than localised optimisations Allow me to rewind time and go back to the early 90’s for a moment. The IT world was deeply rooted in Client-Server architectures and Waterfall methodology. The former allowed Software Development to become mainstream, the latter led to a streak of failed, delayed and over budget projects (few were  successful […]

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