My thoughts on AWS re:Invent 2016 keynote by Werner Vogel

In this blog I’ll talk about my first impressions on Werner Vogel’s keynote at AWS re:Invent 2016.   In my previous blog I’ve shared my impressions on Andy Jassy’s (AWS CEO) keynote. Werner’s keynote theme was around Transformation, particularly in three areas: Development Data Compute Development Werner talked about the necessity to adhere to good practices […]

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What is a Lean Enterprise?

This is my definition of a Lean Enterprise: “A Lean Enterprise is an organisation that allows the business to continuously learn new and better ways to deliver value by validating hypotheses using a rigorous scientific approach.” There is a lot to it, so let’s examine. A Lean Enterprise enables the business to identify valuable ideas fast. A Lean […]

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Goodbye Turbine…Hello Lean Enterprise

Turbine gets superseded by Lean Enterprise In one of my previous articles I’ve introduced Turbine as a methodology that shifts the focus from output and processes to business value. Few months later, I read the book Lean Enterprise, by Jez Humble, Joanne Moleskin and Barry O’Reilly and found out that it superseded Turbine by a long stretch. […]

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Turbine: Moving On From Agile and DevOps

We need more than localised optimisations Allow me to rewind time and go back to the early 90’s for a moment. The IT world was deeply rooted in Client-Server architectures and Waterfall methodology. The former allowed Software Development to become mainstream, the latter led to a streak of failed, delayed and over budget projects (few were  successful […]

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Ansible to manage your AWS infrastructure

In this post I’ll show you how you could use Ansible to manage your AWS infrastructure. All the code presented in this post is intended for Mac (OS X) but with minor adaptations it could run on any xUnix-based system. Pre-Requisites Install Ansible. Instructions on how to install Ansible can be found here Install AWS CLI. Instructions on […]

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Serenity-BDD: A tool to implement a BDD operating model

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is becoming the mainstream approach to acceptance test driven development (ATDD). Why are BDD and ATDD so important for the success of software delivery? The key advantage that these approaches bring to organisations is that they bring together all stakeholders: business users, security, infrastructure, developers and testers. They key concept is […]

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